Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I got my new amp yesterday! The guy from the music store called me at noon to tell me it was in . I picked it up at 2pm and went to bed because I had a huge headache from cleaning the house. I had to pick up the kids at 5:00 but I woke up at 4:30 and blasted the fucker. Hoooooly it rocks. It has two channels with each their volume knobs and a master volume knob. I gave it a good workout. It's an all-tube amp so it sounds amazing.
I sold 3 photography lenses on Ebay. The auctions ended at $1200 total, which was $200 more than I was hoping for. I'm also selling another lens to a friend for $300. That'll cover the amp, the extension cab, and my little Orange amp. I'll be keeping my main lenses and my Canon 20D camera because I still intend to do photography. I just haven't been using the other ones that much as of late. With the extra bucks I'm getting the YCXBlue which is two more 12" speakers. Why do I need the extra power? I don't, but I just can so screw off. I ordered it today.

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