Monday, October 15, 2007

Pedal Board!

Woohoo! My NY Giants won their 4th game in a row (4-2 record). They really kicked butt tonight. They might make the playoffs after all. I started learning Black Dog by Led Zepplin while watching the game. I also did some noodling with scales I found on the web today.

Oh yeah, I cranked both my amps this morning. Kaabrrrriinnnnngggggggg! Even my little 10 Watt Orange Crush amp cranked it up. It's amazing how such a small amp can blast away. The 40W lender was great but I can't wait to the get the one I'm supposed to get: Traynor YCV50 Blue . The music shop said I'd get it by Friday but I doubt it.

I got tired of bringing my pedals to the basement living room when I watch football/tv so I decided to build a pedal pad. I bought a black shelf piece at home depot and stuck some industrial velcro on it: female end on the board and the male end on the pedals. Then I drilled two holes on top and created a handle with rope, cardboard and duct tape. It works great. The top part is raised with a foam tube I screwed to the shelf piece. I'll have room for a few more pedals.

I'm home alone tomorrow again so I'm going to blast the big amp some more playing Black Dog.


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