Sunday, April 6, 2008

POD X3 Gets a Computer Interface!

Finally! It's here!!!

I bought a POD X3 back in January of this year. I only found after I had received it that the computer interface (Gearbox) wasn't available to the public yet, despite releasing the X3 in October of '07. I loved editing my previous POD, the POD XT Live, with the Line 6 Edit software. After visiting the site daily to get updates on the status of the release, I saw Friday they finally released it and I'm so relieved! I was growing tired of editing my tones with the knobs on the unit itself. Here are some screen shots showing the guitar amp selections and some guitar settings. What a joy to have drop-down menus again!:

Another thing I missed immensely was the public site that holds tones that other players upload to the server. I'm currently working on Whole Lot of Rosie by AC/DC and I found the perfect Angus Young tone in no time. I didn't even have to tweak it! I'm going to have to do a quick read through of the manual but I really like what I see so far.

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Elissa said...

Hey. I'm checking out your tunes. I just got the Pod X3 and am experimenting with sounds. Would you mind sharing what sound combos you use to create your sounds? I'm a big Jack White fan, so I want to make that sound specifically :-)