Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm going to be Eddie Van Halen!!!

OK, not really. I can skip the rehab, divorce, cancer, and dealing with David Lee Roth. I received a Van Halen Guitar Method DVD in the mail this week; I won it on Ebay and paid $10.50 plus $6 shipping. It has 50 Van Halen riffs including Eruption! The DVD has a .pdf file with tabelature for the 50 riffs. It's a simple concept ... the guy plays the riff full speed, then a close up of the riff played in (1/2?) reduced speed. It's great.

I already learned the first riff, now I'm working on the second one, which is part of Eruption. Eddie has always been my favorite guitarist so I'm super stoked about getting this. I'm using my second guitar, which is a Strat copy with a Floyd Rose system so I can go nuts like Eddie.

Rock on!


JMan said...
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JMan said...

Curt Mitchell? How old is this DVD? I wonder if he still makes those?! I've got 3-4 of those myself!!! Some people don't like them .... but I dig this guy. He's so natual and funny .... but he does explain the stuff quite well. I think I got SRV, Nirvana, Clapton and Page !!

Excellent!! You'll have fun with that!!

Jacko said...

He looks all hopped up on coke. Looks like a pretty hyper guy.